Freda Andrews

2018.10.10_Andrews,Freda(In. by Beryl Bortey and Caroline Englert)(COMM 262H)_PhotoPortrait.JPG
Since she was a child, Freda Andrews knew that she wanted to pursue a career in education. Her experiences at Northside Elementary, alongside her involvement in the Southern Freedom Movement, influenced her desire to carve out spaces to teach Black history and inspire her students to feel empowered to take on life’s challenges. Her grandfather, Hilliard Caldwell, and Floyd McKissick are some of the important figures of her life.

Freda Andrews is a daughter of the Northside. Notably, her primary and secondary school education transformed her life immeasurably. Her teachers, especially at Northside Elementary, created a classroom setting that directed individual attention to each student. Fostered by these nurturing teachers, she attributes their…