Northside News Volume II, Edition 3


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Northside News Volume II, Edition 3





“Northside News Volume II, Edition 3,” Marian Cheek Jackson Center Oral History Trust, accessed September 22, 2020,

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Kathy Atwater is a native of Chapel Hill and has lived in the Northside Community all of her life. Having retired from the State of NC after 30 years of service, Kathy is now pursuing a passion that she didn't know she had until faced with the unending changes to her beloved community. Working with the Jackson Center has…
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In the beginning of the interview, Ms. Atwater describes the history of her home, growing up in her neighborhood, and the significance of keeping her home in the family in order to continue an ongoing legacy. To Ms. Atwater, a home is more than a place of residence; it is a memorial, it is the material representation of a…
Ms. Atwater gives an overview of food access in the community when she was growing up and how her family’s attitudes toward food have developed over the course of her life. Starting with a discussion of her mother’s kitchen and garden, she describes the role of food in her family and in the neighborhood community, and…
Ms. Kathy Atwater, long-term Lindsay St. resident, gives a passionate speech on the history of Amity Station development. Her words gave both historical context and emotional power to the issue facing her community and neighbors.
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This interview mainly focuses on Wanda Weaver’s mother and father/Kathy Atwater’s aunt and uncle, as well as the past and present dynamics of the Northside community. Ms. Wanda and Ms. Kathy show pictures of their mother and father/aunt and uncle, as well as discuss what they did for the community. Both parents were heavily…
In this oral history, Regina Merritt discusses what her life was like growing up on a farm. From the beginning of the interview, it is clear that her grandmother was the centerpiece of her family. She cooked for not only her own family members, but also for anyone in the community who needed food. She worked so hard each…
This interview is part of an SOHP project called Rural South: Backways: Understanding Segregation in the Rural South. The interviews, 2014-, were conducted in the rural piedmont region and eastern North Carolina about the often hidden forces of structural and institutional discrimination that have outlasted the victories…
Ms. Gladys lives by one of her favorite sayings: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” She runs “Heavenly Groceries/Comida Celestial”, a daily, grocery-style food distribution ministry that provides fresh food to over 5000 residents in four counties each month. Gladys’ home on Merritt Mill Rd. was built by her…
In this audio clip, Ms. Gladys talks to Della Pollock about her approach to living the best life.
In the interview Ms. Perry discusses the early history of the Northside community going back to the founding of the University and the introduction of slaves to the area. She then goes on to describe her family history, including her grandfather’s work as an undertaker and a carpenter who built many of the houses in the…
This interview is part of a group of interviews conducted by Susan Simone exploring the lives and struggle of various members of the Northside community: a historically black and primarily residential neighborhood located immediately northwest of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and downtown Chapel Hill, NC. …