Emily Banks

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Emily Banks


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“Emily Banks,” Marian Cheek Jackson Center Oral History Trust, accessed May 25, 2020, https://archives.jacksoncenter.info/items/show/1037.

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Born and Raised in New York, Emily Banks moved south to Chapel Hill in 1970. Her faith is foundational for how she moves through the world, and she is an active member and leader of St. Joseph CME Church. Banks is proud of her family history and the many accomplishments of her children.
This interview is part of the Marian Cheek Jackson Center’s Life History Series.  Emily Banks, a current member and leader of St. Joseph CME Church, was born in 1946 in New York and migrated south to North Carolina in 1970.  She has spent the last few decades in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  She reflects on her pride in her…