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Della Pollock, Executive Director of the Jackson Center, hails the youth “cypher team” after their improvisational “Knockin’ on the Mayor’s Door” brought the crowd packed in St. Joseph’s sanctuary to its feet during the May Day celebration, 2010.

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Joe, a long-time resident of Northside, is known for the care with which he maintains his yard and the way he looks out for elderly neighbors on Lindsay Street.

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A protest march makes its way from St. Joseph's CME Church to Franklin Street, passing policeman Coy Durham. To maintain calm, the Chapel Hill police often treated the marches as parades.

Protester carried by Chapel Hill police officers.
At “Heavenly Groceries,” Mama Kat and Belinda, both lifetime residents of Chapel Hill/Carrboro and First Baptist Church members, offer food with a large serving of good humor and warmth. Mama Kat’s oldest daughter, Caroline, a leader of the local…

Mr. Edwards gathered representatives from four generations of his family (in descending order) on the steps of his Northside home. A proud member of the male chorus at St. Joseph CME, here he reflects on the many changes in Chapel Hill/Carrboro that…
Benito likes to provide opportunities for people to experience beauty.    He’s pictured with an art installation that he and a neighbor created for passers-by near Bolin Creek, a place they called home for a time. 

Jasmine Farmer leads 8th graders at Smith Middle School in an exercise as part of a Civil Rights Workshop.

Before each sit-in, demonstrators had to agree to practice nonviolent resistance by going limp to neither assist nor resist arrest.   Here, they lie on Franklin Street, awaiting transportation to jail.
Eugene is past head of the local NAACP. He recalls the power of the former Midway business district to provide economic resources and gathering places for Northsiders. He wanted to be pictured here in Baldwin Park pursuing one of his greatest…
Still living in the house their mother had built 70 years ago, the Foster siblings have dedicated their lives to justice. Harold was a leader in the local civil rights movement; Esphur is a community historian known everywhere in North Carolina for…

March leaders address participants in front of St. Joseph CME Church, a renowned headquarters for action and santuary for leaders.

They call themselves brothers and certainly are close enough to be. Most will recognize them from their greetings on Franklin St (where they are pictured here). We got to know them from their often spontaneous volunteer roles at every Northside…
Daughter of Pastor Troy Harrison, Brianna grew up in the house where the Jackson Center is now located.
Prof. H, as he is fondly known, is pictured here in front of his church, St. Paul AME. Founded in 1864, St. Paul has marked the corner of Chapel Hill and Carrboro for over 150 years. As St. Paul anticipates a new church campus in the Rogers Road…