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Thomas James "Bubba" Norwood enjoying a sunny afternoon at the 2018 Northside Festival.

Thomas James "Bubba" Norwood plays the drums.

Hilliard Caldwell, one of the leaders of the Chapel Hill Freedom Movement, during a protest march on Franklin Street. Hilliard Caldwell was later elected to the Board of Aldermen in Carrboro, the town adjoining Chapel Hill.

A march organized by the Chapel Hill Freedom Movement on Franklin Street, Chapel Hill's main thoroughfare. Protesters stopped to point out segregated establishments.

Members of several rights organizations stand in front of the Chapel Hill Post Office. They led this holiday march on December 7, 1963. Carrying letters addressed to political leaders to urge anti-discrimination legislation, they requested that…

Pictured are Otto White, Ophelia Johnson, Kenny Farrington, Carolyn Farrington, Cynthia Hines, and Johnny Robinson

Protesters plant themselves in a crosswalk on Franklin Street. One carries a sign that reads, "We reserve the right to refuse service to Jim Crow."

Students and townspeople line the intersection in front of the Chapel Hill Town Hall to watch as arrested demonstrators are brought to the jail.


The sit-in at the exit of the Woollen Gym parking lot brings cars to a standstill after the end of the UNC-Wake Forest basketball game.

Several weeks after the Chapel Hill Board of Aldermen failed to pass a public accomodation ordinance, the Chapel Hill Freedom Movement retaliated with a series of sit-ins and marches. Sit-ins blocked the exits to the Woollen Gymnasium parking lots.

The Chapel Hill Board of Aldermen, led by Mayor Sandy McClamrock (in center, with white hair), debate the proposed public accommodations ordinance. Despite the march, the vote failed.

Marchers walk in freezing rain from Durham to Chapel Hill on January 12, 1964, in support of a pending local public accommodations ordinance.

Marchers walk in freezing rain from Durham to Chapel Hill on January 12, 1964, in support of a pending local public accommodations ordinance.

Sit-in participants, singing and waving to the camera, block the door to Brady's Restaurant at the dinner hour. Chapel Hill Police Chief William Blake stands at right.

Orange County Sherriff's officers Avery Madrey (left) and Sylvester Thompson (right) carry Clyde Durham after he was arrested for sitting-in at Brady's Restaurant.

Chapel Hill Police Chief William Blake, with Officer Graham Creel(in helmet), warns the demonstrators to leave or they will be arrested. They were all arrested.

Chapel Hill police officers Graham Creel(left) and David Caldwell(right) carry Yvonne Cotton to a police car following her arrest for sitting-in at the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Merchants Association.

John Fykes sings as police drag him from the Merchants Association building sit-in. Demonstrators often sang freedom songs such as "We Shall Overcome" during their protests and arrests.


Chapel Hill Police officer David Caldwell(left) clears the way for officer Earl Allen to carry a demonstrator to a police car.