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The Parrish brothers’ farm is one of the oldest African-American owned farms in Orange County. Here, they pose behind the truck they bring into town each day to Northside to pick up expired food from “Heavenly Groceries” to use on the farm to feed…

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A young neighbor enjoys community festivities.

Jasmine Farmer leads 8th graders at Smith Middle School in an exercise as part of a Civil Rights Workshop.

March leaders address participants in front of St. Joseph CME Church, a renowned headquarters for action and santuary for leaders.

Clementine Self leads first graders in song in front of St. Joseph CME Church, as part of a Northside Elementary "Freedom Tour" in Fall 2013. The tour was part of the Jackson Center's Learning Across Generations Curriculum.

Chapel Hill High student reflects artistically on the content of a Civil Rights Workshop at Chapel Hill High in 2013. The workshop is part of the Jackson Center's Learning across Generations curriculum.

A first grade student shares what he learned from a tour of Northside this Fall as part of the Learning Across Generations Curriculum and Action.

As they march from St. Joseph CME church toward downtown Chapel Hill, local African American students, religious leaders, and UNC students rally behind a banner declaring “Eat at Joe’s Black & White.”

“Grillmaster” Calvin Smith, a community leader and steward of St. Joseph’s, cooks 1100 hotdogs at St. Joseph’s “Frangelism in the Park” gospel music celebration in 2007.


A slogan painted on the door of a truck in Carrboro, NC.


Albert Williams teaching 8th graders at Smith Middle School about the civil rights movement in Chapel Hill, February, 2014.


Before each sit-in, demonstrators had to agree to practice nonviolent resistance by going limp to neither assist nor resist arrest.   Here, they lie on Franklin Street, awaiting transportation to jail.

Boys stage a counter-protest directed at marchers at the segregated Colonial Drug.